Better Supplements

Better Relief

designed to help all painful conditions caused by inflammation, from acute to chronic ailments. Pain management without the side effects.

Better Brain

designed to increase cognitive function, support memory, & induce flow states. Hemp has been patented by the US Govt as a nuero-protectant.

Better Mood

designed to erase daily stress & anxiety w/o drowsiness. Plant-based patience for the most demanding of days.

Better Pet Relief

designed to help manage all conditions stemming from inflammation including cancer. Pain management for pets w/o the side effects.

Better Energy

designed to optimize your mental & physical performance w/o stimulants, bad breath, or jitters. Plant-based energy on demand.

Better Sleep

designed to relieve anxiety and stress to allow for a full nights rest.  Plant based sleep aid.

What Makes Better Supplements Better?

Highest Quality Ingredients

100% organic, vegan, and Fair Trade Certified (where available.)  No Calories, No Fillers, 3 Ingredients per vegan capsule. Free of all major allergens. Safe for restricted diets & perfect for the conscious user.

Raw Acidic PhytoCannabinoids

PhytoCannabinoids Work alongside our natural systems to restore our bodies to homeostasis.  They work on receptors throughout our body to provide smart, targeted relief. Non-psychoactive & naturally water soluble.

Superior Bio Availability

Superior bioavailability means you absorb 98% of what you ingest – Compared to the 6% absorption rate of oil based products.  Our products have a 1533% greater absorption rate than our oil based competition.

Full Spectrum

All of our products contain full spectrum, whole plant ingredients. Whole plant medicines have been shown to be superior to extract or isolate based offerings.  We also have a hemp extract version of our products for those looking for CBD only.

Safe For Pets

All formulas are safe and effective for all mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds.  So long as they are not allergic to any of the individual ingredients there will never be any problem with sharing your supplements with your pets, or buying them their own bottle!

Comprehensive Lab Testing

For us, “Comprehensive” means complete.  All of our products are tested for potency, terpenes, microbiology, pesticides, and residual solvents – Twice.  If your products are not tested for micros and pesticides they are certainly contaminated.

Better with Better Supplements

My owners give me Better Relief formula everyday for my hip dysplasia pain.  Pain relief without the intolerable side-effects I experienced from medications prescribed by my veterinarian.

Better results with no side-effects Mimi, 9 year old French Bulldog 

Better Relief gives me energy, reduces inflammation, and pain.  It is my go-to medication; I can use it daily without any of the side effects of prescribed or over-the-counter medications

Better Relief – my go-to medication MP

My husband and I take Better Relief daily for our health.  I always feel better after taking my Better Relief supplement!

Better Retirement With Better Relief MP & TC

The vet gave our dog 3 months to live last October.  She told us our 11 year old puppy had lymphoma and urged us to start an aggressive chemo treatment immediately.  We decided to try Better Pet Relief instead and our dog is still with us and healthier than ever!  It’s been over one year since her diagnosis and she is cancer free!  Thank you so much to Better Pet Relief for giving us so many more quality days together 🙂

Cancer-Free w/ Better Pet Relief Mary, 13 year old Pitt/Dalmation Mix

We we’re planning to put our dog down that day until our friends gave us a product that was gifted to them.  They thought our dog could give it a try after hearing about the success the manufacturer’s had with their dog taking the product and putting it’s cancer in remission.  Well, it worked so well that we didn’t put the dog down that day and here we are 4 months later and she’s never been better!

Better Pet Relief Save My Dog’s Life! The Smith's and Prof. Snu
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