Changed our lives for the better!

After being told that my 8 year old husky had an auto immune disease known as perianal fistulas, my girlfriend and I were at a loss as to what to do for her.  She was put on an immunosuppressive, and while it worked mitigated her symptoms (perianal fistulas is recognized as one of the worst and most painful problems a dog can diagnosed with) it also made her severely sick and unable to keep food down.  I was recommended Better Pet Relief by a close friend of mine, and with all other options exhausted we chose to try it. What a change!  Immediately after getting her first dose of Better Pet Relief, she showed none of the signs of negative side effects her normal medicine normally had on her.  She’s had a better appetite, made big strides in her overall comfortability, and is in a much better place.  Thanks, Eva, you’ve changed our lives for the better!

Ian, Baltimore, MD