Firm Believers


Cricket is an 11yr old pit-bull from Maryland.  Cricket has always been very active and continues to be to this day.  As she’s gotten older she’s battled issues with inflammation and arthritis.  Recently, Cricket tore her ACL playing fetch.  Her treatment involved a regimen of Better Pet Relief and laser therapy.  The laser therapy was expected to last 10-12 weeks, but, after 6 short weeks Cricket was back to her normal self and her engird levels and stamina are better than before her injury!  There is no doubt in my mind this is the direct result of the wonderful supplements from Eva CBD.  Although she is finished with her laser treatments, we are firm believers in the benefits of Better Pet Relief and look forward to continuing to see Cricket defy the laws of Father Time and live a happy and healthy life, even if she is an old pup these days.  Happy 11th birthday, Cricket, and thank you Eva CBD!