Marked Difference for Sampson


Ok, so this is Sampson, my big 98lb baby. He’s 10. He’s not the one I initially purchased the product for, but I wanted to see if it would help his arthritis. I had actually purchased an inferior product literally the week before you told me about Eva, on the keto page. I hadn’t gotten it in yet at that point though. I got the other product in, started using it, but really couldn’t see much…a few days later, got the sample pack, and could tell a marked difference on a walk- he hopped up on a 2 foot concrete embankment with zero issues!! I was floored. He hasn’t hopped like that in so long!!! He’s my soul mate, so I’m sold on anything that will help him continue to be comfortable & happy 😍
Also- he’s had this weird hacking. Vet had attributed it to thickening of the esophageal lining, which I guess is common in older pups. I used to hear it nightly…and of course I’m all paranoid, thinking it’s cancer of some sort. Anyway, it happens so much less frequently now!! I actually didn’t hear it at all for an entire week!